Watermelon Blast!! Awesome for detoxing and moving a backed up lymph system. Anti-Cancer, energizing, anti-oxidating, good for the cardiovascular system and more.

Summer fruits include a variety of fruits, usually abundant in the summer. Mixtures of different summer fruits can make many different kinds of food and drink to keep you refreshed during hot summer months. The best summer fruits include berries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, melons, mangoes, lychee nuts, and fresh figs.

Watermelons are said to be the ultimate summer fruit. The cool, sweet juice and crunchy flesh make it a very suitable dessert on hot summer days. Eat it in fresh wedges or use it to make a nice summer cocktail. Red watermelons are the most popular variety, but yellow watermelon is also remarkably sweet and definitely worth a try.

The health benefits of watermelon are still often overlooked. Watermelon contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus it has been blessed by the fruit god with lycopene. which helps prevent many common health concerns such as cancers, birth defects, prostate cancer, obesity, common colds and flues, colon cancer, and poor digestive systems. Tomato and other red fruits and vegetables are also loaded with lycopene, however recent studies show watermelon to have the highest content of them all.

Composed of 92% water, watermelon is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione, which helps boost our immune system. Other nutrients found in watermelon are vitamin C Potassium. In addition, watermelon detoxes the body, eliminates liver toxins, stimulates the kidneys, reduces acne, removes cellulite and moisturizes the skin. Watermelon also contains the amino acid citruline, which helps to create the amino acid arginine within the body. These amino acids remove ammonia from the body and produce nitric oxide. This relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, the immune system and heart activity. The white part of the rind also contains silica, which strengthens bones and helps with proper functioning of the pancreas. All you have to do is eat some watermelon all year round and you will prevent all these bad health conditions.



Many ladies think of eating watermelons to lose weight, however, they have some misunderstandings in it. If they do not correct these misunderstandings, they will achieve the opposite results.

Summer barbecues and cookouts call for a fresh, juicy delicious dessert, watermelon is highest on the list. Remember eating all the way down to the rind or seeing who can pit the seeds the farthest?! Watermelon is a refreshing treat to cool the body on a hot summer day. Its water content alone can keep you hydrated, boost your mood, sharpen your memory and provide you with energy. Eating watermelon will fill up your stomach and satisfy your sweet craving. This succulent fruit is perfect when eaten or prepared as a drink as well. You can process it by using a blender and mix it up with sugar and milk. Kids will definitely love the taste of this tasty fruit juice or slushy drink.

Watermelon has been used throughout history for its nutritious food and drink value that has many places in a Healthy Eating diet. When the day is hot and sticky remember to add an extra smile to your day by enjoying a dish of refreshing summer fruit. It’s so healthy you can be indulgent!

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